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My name is Monica Angeline Sudarsono. I am a girl with many dreams and wishes. I live in Tangerang, Indonesia. I hv just graduated from ST JHS and will going to Penabur Sunrise for my SHS.
I love my JESUS CHRIST, my family members, my friends and everyone who I know. I'm 14 years old going 15 on 4th November. I'd like to singing, watching, sleeping, eating, listening to the music and I wanna be a singer oneday.
So please, enjoy my blog ♥


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Written at Thursday, May 13, 2010 | back to top

Hello world! Hahaha.. I always love making my 1st post at my new blog. So, welcome to my blog! I think I'll write any kind of posts, from my activities, experiences, holiday, family, friends and many more!

Well, I think this blog will be my online diary. I will share for you all. Its a freedom if you want to follow my blog, tag yours at my chat box, comment and bla bla blah.. But if you want to COPY mine, RIPPING mine or SPAMMING, it's not for you all COPYCATTERS, RIPPERS and SPAMMERS! Go to HELL.

So I will explain to you WHY :

1. I want to make this blog as my diary?
Well, I'd love to share with everybody what I feel, see and hear. I just.... love my extraordinary life.

2. I use an xml template?
Yeah, I was boring with my blog before, like just... nothing special. And I was trying to use another one. Although I got a little prob with my xml template (before :p), finally I succeed. Yeah, glory to the Lord. :)

Actually if you want to know more about me, you can just hit the ribbons for my profile or hit the pins and you can choose by hit one of the linkies about me there..

Okay, thats some chit chat between you and me, hope you enjoy mine!

♥ monicangeline

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