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My name is Monica Angeline Sudarsono. I am a girl with many dreams and wishes. I live in Tangerang, Indonesia. I hv just graduated from ST JHS and will going to Penabur Sunrise for my SHS.
I love my JESUS CHRIST, my family members, my friends and everyone who I know. I'm 14 years old going 15 on 4th November. I'd like to singing, watching, sleeping, eating, listening to the music and I wanna be a singer oneday.
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New Skin, New Month, New Post, New Life
Written at Friday, July 2, 2010 | back to top

July is coming! I am nervous with July. Why? Because this month, at 9th July 2010, I'll go to my new Senior High School = SMAK 4 Penabur Jakarta. I'll meet new friends, new teacher, new school, new experiences, everything's new! That's why I'm so nervous. And unluckily, I'm the only student who came from SATIK JHS. :( I'll try my best although I am afraid :D

Umm, I think everybody are busy talking about Eclipse. Except me. I don't like the movie but I like the actor. TAYLOR LAUTNER!! (screaming) I know a little bit part of this movie, yeah, a woman named Bella, fell in love with a vampire named Edward. But, Jacob, the werewolf (Taylor Lautner) love Bella. I think it's will be a triangle love between them.

Well, this is my boyfriend! Taylor Lautner!

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on 11 February 1992 (3 years more than me! wow!), Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He is 1,79 m. (I don't know if he grow taller :p) He's so handsome, and has sixpacks on his body. That make me falling in love with him! But I don't like when he's at twilight. Why? He wore an awful wig! Oh Gosh! Like this!

Look awful rite? Well, I don't shy if I must say, I go for TEAM JACOB! Because actually everyone chose Team Edward. Well, don't mind. :p He's an ex boyfriend of my favourite singer, Taylor Swift. 2 Taylors'! Seems funny.

Okay that's all my post in the beginning of July. (Pray for me for the new school! Amen!)


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